Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garage Sale Finds Become Something New

It had been awhile since hubby and I had spent our Saturday morning garage sale-ing.  Garage sale-ing can be fun and entertaining yet can also be discouraging and tiring.  The real thrill is that moment when you find something that made the whole morning worth your while.  I never really look for anything specific, mostly wood furniture or general crafting/re-purposing projects.  I didn't have much luck this weekend but did manage to find a few cool items that I worked today to re-pupose.  Check out my before and afters!

Before - Jewelry Tray

After - I painted it green and added some little hooks and nails for a jewelry display.  It looks a little rustic in the photo because I dropped paint on the felt in the back so I ended up painting that as well.  It looks better in person then in the photo.  In hindsight, I should have used masking tape to protect the felt before I painted. I hung this on our bedroom wall for easy access to my earrings and rings.

Before - A little shadow box

After - I painted it a greenish/blue and sanded the edges a little to let the old color of gold shine through so it looks a little rustic/shabby chic.  

I would like to hang this near the door so hubby and I will always know where to find our keys.

 I also found these.  I have wanted big vintage Christmas bulbs since I saw a cute idea at an antique store last Christmas which I plan to recreate with these bulbs.  (picture at end)

What I plan to make with the Christmas bulbs

Jewelry Tray $2.00, Shadow Box 0.50 cents., Christmas lights $3.00.

What fun items have you re-purposed to be Ah-mazing.

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